Hints to the Mayor in Running his City

SimCity is an online game that has captivated the hearts of youngsters from all over the globe. Building a good city is a tough task which the player has to perform as a mayor. The mayor has to overcome many hurdles and use many leadership techniques to lead the city. Apart from looking to the needs of the citizens, he should also develop good industries and factories so that production of goods is always on without cease. Taking care of pollution factors help to keep the city clean and the citizens happy. Providing good transport facilities without much traffic jam is a necessity. In the same way other utilities such as police station, fire station, power and water facilities are also essential for the citizens.

Trade Depot

There are many items that can be bought at Trade Depot. The mayor should buy these items so that he can use the items to upgrade his city buildings. He can also resell them by hiking the rates as he gets them at a cheaper rate at the Trade Depot. The mayor can also buy goods for the Trade Depot whenever he gets goods at a lower rate. But he should try not to sell unwanted goods at a low rate immediately, as he will get a good buyer willing to pay the original value if he waits for a day or two.

Multi-player Facility

With its multi-player facility, the mayor can have good contact with his neighbors and friends either through the Facebook or Twitter. This contact can be used to build good neighboring cities by which you can have an understanding to buy and sell items whenever needed, upgrade the storage materials and lend a helping hand whenever in need.

Well Planned City

The city should have a good planning. The residential zone should be separated from the industrial zone as there are many polluting elements that will have a negative impact on the residents. The mayor can have a few commercial shops in between the residential and industrial zones so that pollution does not hit them much.

Controlling Traffic

The traffic control should be well monitored. The mayor should have good roads so that traffic does not clog. Providing over-bridges where traffic gets congested is necessary. Alternative roads for heavy vehicles and separately for residents are preferred. Through such measures, the mayor can provide the city with good traffic flow.


The mayor should have control over the production and storage of goods. Having a good inventory of stock is required, so that the mayor does not over-store or over-produce goods that might lead to wastage.

The mayor should always be vigilant to know what is going on in each part of the city by tapping on the icon and knowing the details. The money that he has collected through tax should be spent wisely. Otherwise he will end up bankrupt. The mayor can also get free currencies or free simoleons through the simcity buildit hack by which he can continue his game with better speed, knowledge and money.

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